Should a butler be able to dance?

Butlers welcome guests, carry suitcases to rooms, serve meals, take care of the clothes of their lord or lady, arrange appointments, and much more. The list is endless. But should butlers also be able to dance? Have they not been on the sidelines before?


Our head butler Kristiaan Polgar asked this question to a specialist in the field, Carole Rooryck. Carole is an internationally recognized dance instructor, multiple Belgian champion of Latin American dance and Show dance, and world-finalist. You might know her as a coach from the VTM program Sterren op de dansvloer, or from her own Dance studio in Bruges.



Should butlers nowadays also be able to dance? Caroles answer is very clear "Yes". It is useful that a butler can dance, because dancing is part of the etiquette. Butlers who are present at events should certainly be able to dance. They must be able to entertain their host.


Gentlemen often don't find it easy to dance. It is then up to the butler to teach his lord notions of dancing. That starts, for example, with the appropriate attitude to invite a lady and the way in which the lord takes the lady on board.


Curious what that attitude means? Watch the video to learn it.


So butlers really have to take a dance course? We will not ask a butler to take part in a ballroom competition, but he must know how it works. When a lady is welcomed in the right position, this immediately makes a good impression. We are working on this during our master classes for butlers dancing at the VIP Butler Academy.


You had not heard of our master classes yet? All students at our VIP Butler Academy take part in a number of exclusive masterclasses that match their interests or in which we believe they can acquire useful competences. One of them is a dance introduction with Carole Rooryck. She not only has dance experience at the highest professional level but is also an excellent instructor with an eye for detail.


Especially for this master class, Carole has developed an adapted program in which our butlers are taught a number of basic positions. She goes through three dance styles with them. As a member of BULDO (the Belgian Union for Teachers in Dance), Carole can learn like no other how to ask a person to dance, which etiquette rules are playing during dancing, how to make a proper dance introduction, how to coach a lord or lady when dancing, and so on.


Are you also interested in this masterclass dancing for butlers? Please contact us.